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Ways to celebrate Juneteenth and support black businesses

Juneteenth is around the corner, and while it signifies the end of a dark period for many black people, it is also a day for celebrating their freedom. This year, 2022, Juneteenth would be different because President Biden declared it a federal holiday two days before Juneteenth, 2021.

Whether you have heard about it or not; do you know why it is celebrated? Juneteenth celebrates the end of slavery in the United States, and this historical event dates back to the mid-17th century. It was a period when enslaved African Americans gained their freedom. Today, after the proclamation on January 1, 1863, 45 states abolished slavery in their states.

The middle of Juneteenth is a celebration of culture, resilience, the black contribution to the economy of the US, and more. For black people and African Americans in the USA, Juneteenth is our independence day, but how do we celebrate it and support black brands and businesses?

Understand the meaning of Juneteenth

June 19, 1865, maybe just another date, but in history, it is commensurate with the end of slavery, so it is paramount that we understand what the holiday means. Today, many families have become too modern and want to sweep the essence of the holiday under the carpet. There are resources, books, and museums that showcase the story of Juneteenth. This year, take your children to learn about their past and why it is celebrated.

Paint the town red

Now you might be wondering what this means. We will explain. Red is the color associated with the Juneteenth holiday, and it symbolizes the sacrifice and transition into freedom. Since it is a time to celebrate, foods, meats, cakes, beverages, and southern delicacies are cooked and shared with friends, family, and strangers.

However, there is no way to celebrate, but sharing with other people is the essence of this holiday, so please share.

Spread the news of Juneteenth

Many African Americans celebrate Juneteenth because it is a holiday, but there is more. Even with slavery abolished, racism and harassment of black people still rage on in the US. Juneteenth should be a way to educate society on the importance of freedom regardless of race, color, or origin.

Additionally, Juneteenth is a day to support our own. Black people support black businesses, brands, and enterprises.

Visit and donate to black organizations

Support is how black organizations grow and establish their footing in their communities. Juneteenth is a time to donate to establishments that support black causes or to a cause you are passionate about. You can visit your local center to find out about organizations that need help, even schools, NGOs, and black community centers that need your help.

Support Black Businesses

Black businesses get the least support on all fronts, and believe us, many black brands and personalities are pushing the standard and doing well, but they need our help. While your support for Juneteenth is awesome, it must go beyond a one-day holiday. You must continue to show your support by advertising for them, dropping good reviews, and celebrating black entrepreneurs across all social channels.

Organize fun activities for families and friends

There are loads of ways everyone can partake in the Juneteenth celebration. For instance,

  • Organize a fitness walk around the neighborhood with branded t-shirts that would end with a sport like fun football or basketball.

  • Organize a community clean-up task where both the old and young participate in cleaning their surroundings and disposing of trash properly.

  • Organize a fund account to help rebuild or repair a local school or provide basic amenities for the kids in attendance.

  • Host a talent show like a fashion show where participants wear clothes from the 17th century to honor memories past.

  • Organize a Juneteenth movie night, lecture, or history night where invited guests learn about the holiday and how it began.

  • Organize a cook-off competition to showcase the foods they ate back in the day. This is a fun way to teach people about the resilience and sacrifice made by heroic men and women of yesterday. The day can end with a Juneteenth trivial and a reward for the winner.

Juneteenth is a significant day in history and in the lives of African Americans. Freedom is the ultimate sacrifice, and we are grateful to the men and women who gave it all for us to have it all.

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