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Roots chicken shak

Roots Chicken Shak restaurant wasn't just to provide good 'ole southern food, down-home cooking, but to create a home for 'duck fat fried EVERYTHING


"Roots Chicken Shak is the home of Chef Tiffany Derry’s famous duck-fat fried chicken. Our menu was inspired by Tiffany’s Southern upbringing and utilizes locally sourced, fresh ingredients prepared with proprietary methods and spices.


We serve our duck fat-fried chicken in many forms, from wings and tenders to sandwiches and atop salads—we even fry our fries in duck fat to deliver exceptional flavor.


Pair your meal with Southern beverage staples like mint, lemon or orange sweet tea, Kool Aid, or one of our flavored house-made sodas."


Location: 7800 Windrose Ave, Plano, TX 75024

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