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Precious Party Parade

specializing in Custom Chocolate Covered Treats for Birthdays, Baby Showers, Weddings and more.


"Are you hosting an event? From Weddings, to baby showers, to Birthday parties, Precious Party Parade has your Sweets Table covered! Precious Tennyson is the owner of Precious Party Parade and they are located in Missouri City. Precious Party Parade specializes in a variety of Chocolate Covered Treats! At Precious Party Parade they take pride in giving you Top of the line "Super Detailed" treats. Why? Because "Details Matter" each treat is covered in smooth white chocolate and edible Decorative pieces. Their yummy Chocolate Covered Oreos are the biggest seller, but don't just take their word for it, stop by to see what every one is raving about!"


Location: Sugar Land, TX

Phone: (281) 678-2230

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