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MaDear's Jellies

Homemade Fresh Fruit Preserves


"Inspired by a grandmother's love of canning fruits and vegetables, MaDear's Jellies was created to continue the legacy of our matriarch.  Our flavors will showcase a new age twist to MaDear's very own traditional jam and jelly recipes. Throughout the experience of recreating her traditional recipes, we have crafted some unique signature flavors to intrigue your taste buds that will keep you wanting to explore more.  Our Signature flavors are more than just a breakfast condiment. Experiment with our jellies as a party appetizer, a dessert topping, or even as a meat marinade. We strongly stand behind our motto "Breakfast is not breakfast, without MaDear's Jellies. So Just for you, we have sealed each jar with a special touch of Love!"


Location: Dallas Farmers Market 920 S Harwood Street Dallas, Texas 75201

Saturday & Sundays

Phone: (682) 233-1478

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