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Julie O. Griffith

PR gurus. Strategic business partners. Storytellers. Content experts. Media influencers. Digital strategists.


"J.griffith Public Relations is a full-service, boutique, strategic communications firm, developing brand pitches, media engagement, and PR campaigns that will get you noticed. Our expertise in media strategy, PR consulting, content development, brand engagement, corporate communications, and compelling story-driven content gives us the edge. Our small but powerful roster of clients gets that edge too. We have an acute insight into communications that work at all levels and the ability to roadmap "pain points" by providing detailed solutions that our clients can implement immediately. By masterfully telling our client's stories at all levels, we use 15 years of experience in public relations, branding, marketing, social media, thought leadership, content creation, and entrepreneurship to gain our client's results on television, in print, radio, and the ever-growing digital media landscape of blogs, podcasts and "Lives". Every single time. As an advisor and strategic business partner, we develop and oversee the execution of multi-dimensional value-add communication strategies that get maximum media, brand, and social media exposure for our clients. "


Location: Houston, TX

Phone: 713.568.5376

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