Welcome To BLK Directory

WHAT is BLK Directory and WHO is it for, you ask? No worries. We got you. BLK (Black) Directory is for YOU. It is a platform that brings people of color together to help increase the visibility of black-owned businesses and entrepreneurs across all industries and locations.

Creator, Diamond Young, had a personal mission to highlight minority-owned businesses in the way that huge chains and franchises have been highlighted for years. Now, it’s our time. Businesses that are showcased on the BLK Directory app and website will get the proper visibility and recognition that it deserves, both locally and nationally. That’s right, BLK Directory is not just your local backyard app. We believe that the entire nation should know who you are and what you do. Your business deserves its flowers now.

If that’s not enough, we provide a space that allows business experts alike to collaborate and network with one another in their given field. We’re telling you… it doesn’t get much better than that! BLK Directory welcomes you as a minority-owned business, patron, ally, and friend. It is our hope that you will find and reap the benefits of utilizing BLK Directory as a one-stop shop for your melanated product and service experience.